Mamba Bar

/ Food & beverage


Soler 5130, Buenos Aires.
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Project Team

Associated architect:
Arch. Mariano Casullo

Construction documents:
Arch. Gabriela Lorenzo
Arch. Ayelen Palma

Construction Administration:
Arch. Marcela Bernat


Restaurant Fun & Bar


Ground floor: 200 sqm
Exterior 65 sqm


Materia sur - general constructor
Ariel Weremchuk - Smithering


Arch. Juan Ignacio Rosales


Federico Kulekdjian


Oslo creative



Concept & Schematic design

HM Arquitectos


Design development

HM Arquitectos


Construction documents

HM Arquitectos


Construction Administration

HM Arquitectos


Interior design

HM Arquitectos


The design has as its starting point the culinary proposal based on the disruptive concept. By disruptive we understand the exacerbation of the senses, the fusion of flavors, smells that hang in the air, looks that seduce. We propose to enhance the culinary proposal with an oniric and suggestive landscape that accompanies this proposal.

We understand that, as it happens in fusion food, the combination should not compromise the taste register. In the same way the atmosphere and architecture, the merging of elements has to be translated into harmony. For this reason we are interested in promoting a great and unique piece ready to anchor the whole project. This element which we call “hook” totally instagrameable, is also fully functional to the needs of the restaurant. It hosts functions and also a landscape of abstract figures, driven by the scales of a large invertebrate materialized with OSB board. A choice that intends to mark a clear contemporary line, not being recognized as a pretending, pompous or pricey site.

We propose conceptual elements of stained glass windows and showcases driving the viewer into a dream world, with the intention of seducing visitors and inviting them to a mystery place. From its functional organization this space proposes a waiting area full of suggestions, where it is not possible, but through a kind of veil to discover the lounge of the dining guests.

The garden or patio, with its green landscape serves as a screen, suggests the entrance to an open-air ecosystem for those who prefer to enjoy another atmosphere.