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Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Project Team

Arch. Fernando Hitzig
Arch. Leonardo Militello

Arch. Florencia Baserga
Arch. Sofia Perazzolo
Arch. Marcos Girouda
Arch. Victoria Saieg




Arch. Juan Ignacio Rosales
Arch. Eliana Gonzalez



Concept Design

HM Architects


It is impossible to ignore the fact that hotels today base all their proposals on thematic aesthetics and integration activities for the pleasure of their passengers and this is an undeniable advantage over temporary spaces, such as Airbnb. So why is Airbnb a threat to the hotel business? Why do most hotels base their proposals on themed? Nowadays Airbnb is like being at home, on the other hand hotels are a place of transit despite the renewed thematic proposal, all of them dress and undress according to fashion without a specific identity. This explains a lack of IDENTITY.

Our proposal is summarized in two words IDENTITY & COMMUNITY, both resolved as part of the operation and entertainment of the hotel. Identity is an integration of concepts that define an individual or thing, but the hotel should not have a defined identity but should rather serve as a packaging. A large skeleton where each passenger can fill it with his or her possessions, as well as in each passenger’s home. A truly Tailred Offer.

The composition must be consistent with a system that gives it unity. We do not conceive interior architecture as a sum of elements (decorative objects, furniture, lighting). Our proposal is defined by a wide group of pieces that conform a space in itself. This allows multiple possible configurations for use in new or existing hotels to be renovated.

These pieces together constitute a living organism, versatile and adaptable to each “key space” of the hotel, which shapes and organizes from the lighting to the fixed and mobile equipment of the hotel.

In addition to its organizational function, it has a symbolic function: to store through its old suitcases the personal belongings of each traveler who passed through this hotel. Of the old suitcases, their stamps that show the passage through the states and provinces are part of the local identity captured in a wallpaper. From the visual communication we emphasize the collective local identity of the citizens through a huge video wall in the front desk. We also propose the active presence of the most representative nature of the local flora (ECO CONCEIVED). All of this is brought together in a single binding construction system.

It is a emptiness, as such defined by a pure and simple aesthetic. Sterile of imposed aestheticism, although its lines undoubtedly construct a universe associated with that modernity of the stripping away of eclecticism and the ornamental, the status of the contemporary man. This dispossession is nowadays called minimalism, that means life with the minimum and necessary. Something truly timeless. The minimum calls us to reflection, starting from the conception of life in a minimum and measured, basic, sustainable consumption.

The contemporary traveler knows that a stroller can carry everything he needs. We believe that today, without a doubt, a camera, a laptop to write on, a book to read or a notebook to draw is more valuable than two suitcases full of clothes. It is these elements that define part of our identity. The value of the emotional over the material.

The universal is identity. That aspect that defines us.