Osten Tower

/ Hotels


430 Camila O ‘Gorman, Madero Harbour, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.
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Project Team

Arch. Fernando Hitzig
Arch. Leonardo Militello

Arch. Chiara Beltrami
Arch. Paula Miano


Interior architecture


Lobby 240 m2
covered area 332 m2
half covered 65 m2
uncovered area 313 m2


Arch. Juan Ignacio Rosales
Arch. Eliana González



Concept Design

HMA Arquitectos


Schematic Design

HMA Arquitectos


Osten follows the new global trend of buildings elaborated through sensory experiences as a result of its ambience and its proposals of active amenities.

The OSTEN concept is the result of a creative work as a search for an aesthetic with foundations linked to art deco and also the beginning of the modern era, all refounded and represented with a contemporary notion. The presence of scaffolding as a support for an era that could no longer sustain itself. The essential characteristic of the scaffolding devices is ultimately the temporality of their use, and it is this word “temporality” that defines the end of that era of elegance and waste of money.

At Osten Tower we propose a sensorial, sexy and authentic experience. We are surprised step by step, since the fragmentation of space is part of the proposal. We go through veils and always discover a new surprise.

Modernity is essentially represented by the interior skin built with cementitious slabs and marble organized in pieces in different areas. These marble slabs are arranged between the scaffolding structures, seeking a relationship between the elegant and the temporary. All the slabs are made of carrara and forest green marble, arranged linearly and held in an ethereal way

The challenge in the rooftop is to incorporate to the already suggestive warm and nocturnal environment of Osten bar, a daytime life that integrates the outside world. That is why the proposal suggests an integrated nature. The mostly native vegetation forms a sustainable landscape. The exterior proposes a topographic walk through the route that unveils “step by step” the same essence as the entrance hall of Osten bar.

The façade on the rooftop forms a sort of multiple porticoes of repeated canopies that recall this language so often used in the entrances of buildings with art deco and Nouveau aesthetics.

The pool is designed with a clear reference to a “garden pond”. Again we propose a naturist vision but from another era (eco-perceived), recreated by a pool that reinterprets these old garden ponds.

The general intervention reflects through the temporality of the scaffolding the breaking point in the evolution from art deco to the new aesthetic order, the modern.