Antiche Devoto

/ Food & beverage


Nueva York 4002, Buenos Aires.
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Project Team

Arch. Dolores Gayoso


Ice cream shop


968 sqf


Arch. Dolores Gayoso


Alejandro Peral



Concept design & Art

HMA Arquitectos


Design development

HMA Arquitectos


Construction documents

HMA Arquitectos


Antiche Tentazzine’s Italian footprint is ubiquitous–from product and equipment to its very owners. Prevalent in its unmistakably Tuscan style are the shades of terra-cotta, the choice of tiles, and its overall run-down appearance.

We reimagined the concept as a contemporary abstraction by incorporating arches, a quintessentially ancient and ever-prominent feature of Italian architecture.

The incorporation of Spanish roof tiles plays a vital role in the aesthetic DNA, functioning in a dual manner: they are intentionally broken, symbolizing the passage of time, and their purpose has been reinterpreted to serve as lighting fixtures. The design takes into account curves, tiles, and vegetation to create a cohesive visual language.

The arches are treated with imitation golden paint, and the surfaces within them are adorned with an Arabesque-themed mesh. This mesh further emphasizes the historical inspiration behind the project.

During nighttime, the arches take center stage, representing the essence of the design, while the mesh in the bar area evokes the imagery of ancient Roman arches. All historical elements have been thoughtfully reimagined in a contemporary context, creating a playful interplay between the past and the present.


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