River Side

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Parana de las palmas river, San Fernando, Buenos Aires.
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Project Team

Project collaborator:
Arch. Juan Agustin Carpinello


Total Covered Surface 44 hectares
Covered surface one bedroom cottage: 38 sqm
Covered surface two bedroom cottage: 54 sqm


Agustín Zanolo



Schematic design

HM Architects


Design development

HM Architects


Construction Management & Contract Administration

HM Architects


Interior design

HM Architects


The user of the Delta is the one who enjoys all seasons of the year, as well as tourism that ideally demands full season. Thus, the project focuses on providing spaces for enjoyment in both, inner and outer spaces of the cabin. The exterior is represented by a dock which turns into the outer gallery of the cabin, as if it were a large dock-gallery; a generous space that confronts you to the river, a continuum from the living room directly to the river. Inside, the result of an operation of voids, forms a bright, white and ethereal space. The attention is captured by a Scandinavian salamander that becomes the focus of this space and reveals, behind her, the great landscape of the Delta through a window in an angle, almost like an ode to winter enjoyment. Functionally, the cabin contains two circulations which respond to warm and cold temperatures. The outdoor gallery is a space for vegetation, filtering the sun entering the rooms in summer, and offering a place for relaxation in touch with nature in winter. The project, made entirely of wood and a frame structure, allows the possibility of growth in a linear way. It is constructively simple and, above all, economic. Furthermore these wooden structural frames serve as architectonic elements that provide high spatial quality as well as support for any recreational equipment. It defines itself as a tectonic-functional element. In terms of form, the project relates to the characteristic elements of the delta’s landscape, the docks and the cabins.

The idea was to not deviate from these elements that constitute the genuineness of this region, but to incorporate and complement them with a very contemporary inner organization and construction. The project admits full enjoyment even in rainy weathers thanks to its semicovered gallery and the generous outdoor space even when the river rises. Both the cabins, the 38 m2 and the 54 m2, meet sustainability requirements which generates significant energy savings for the user.