Food Court Abasto Shopping

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AV. Corrientes 3247, Buenos Aires
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Project Team

Arch. Vanik Margossian
Magdalena Salinas
Milagros Barchi




Zorzal Square: 294 m2
Central Square:1300 m2


Arch. Juan Ignacio Rosales



Concept Design & Art

HMA Arquitectos


Schematic design

HMA Arquitectos


Old Markets: We investigate the original morphologies of fairs and markets.

Agora: Origin of the polis and first market headquarters. Meeting point, place that summons to the meeting.

Landscape: Natural event. Interactivity space. Centre for eco-perceived sustainability.

The proposal is based on the idea of recomposing the DNA of sustainable public space within the Shopping Mall, recreating green areas for recreation. Far from integrating a real nature, we emulate an intentionally orthogonal organic universe constituted as a topographic checkerboard.

We recreated a picnic environment, through the eco-perception of several of its elements as a design strategy. Its sustainable materials are part of the same concept.

We revindicate the spontaneous/deliberate congregation of mixed uses, typical of a contemporary city, as a unique and possible proposal to be implemented in today’s shopping malls. These we have divided into cells and denominated:

1- Eco-wellness: Green areas recreated for use from the gastronomic (picnic).
2- Recreation: Recreational spaces for leisure through topographical configurations.
3- Connectivity: Areas prepared ergonomically and through specific furniture for remote work use. (networking)
4- Market: Areas under the atriums ( tribunes ) for the use of commercial shops which are ideally complemented by the new use of the recreational areas.

These 4 (four) cells form a set of mixed uses and represent a dynamic, prepared to accommodate all types of audience.
Two large atriums I & II, work as viewpoints from which to view and be viewed, which cohabit and resolve recreational and gastronomic uses.

Abasto shopping centre has a long tradition, and we believe it is essential to build an independent identity, so that this space has a life of its own.